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Links provided in this section are known to be those which provide railroad prototype or modeling resources, to provide our members and visitors with quick access to this information. These links do not represent any official endorsement of or promotion by the Suncoast Model Railroad Club nor do we take any responsibility for the accuracy of their official content, editorial biases, operational policies or marketing promises.

Recently Added Links:


California Zephyr Museum
--Their goal isto preserve and promote
the history of the California Zephyr passenger
train, by providing a comprehensive resource of
reliable information, drawn from records and
documentation, artifacts, mementos, and
personal knowledge, contributed from various
. Search 19,000 Railroad Sites



Thoroughbred RR Models - NEW!
Specializing in accurately detailed custom painted models of the Norfolk Southern RR, its predecessor railroads, "Fallen Flag" railroads, leased locomotives, and weathered freight cars. Our models of 2nd generation and contemporary railroad equipment are inspired and produced from prototype photographs for HO and N scale modelers who desire prototype fidelity.
Founded by one of our own - Bob DeStephano.

Dan Lewis - Model Bridge Construction -NEW!
Model Railroad Bridges offers custom-built structures that are
produced to the customer’s specifications. All varieties are
available, from wood to steel to concrete, or any combination.
All of our club's HO scale bridges are products of Dan's skillset.

A Beginner's Guide To Model Cars
A good resource for anyone new to building models
of any kind, not just trains.
This site covers various aspects of building models,
including toy and model cars, scale model vehicles,
choosing materials and techniques. - Thank you to
Kayla Russell and the kids at the Children's Cancer Center
of Northern Vermont for the link.

Useful Standard Dimensions
and Clearances

for such things as handrails, distances
between tracks, clearances, and other
things all in one spot for easier reference.

Conversion Charts
This link takes you to a conversion chart
is a quick reference for changing scales

Grade Calculations and Charts
for calculating grades on model railroad layouts.

Chart of car weights for
various car lengths
(N scale only).

Listing of diesel locomotives in chronological order
as they were produced up until 1989

Old Car Brochure Resource
If you need graphics for period billboards or
dealership signs this site is a tremendous

Streaming Railroad
Radio Communications Live

This fascinating site will let you
listen in live to the railroad radio
communications from strategic rail centers
across America. Your webmaster listened
in to the BNSF in the Vancouver/Columbia
River Area, WA --Give this a try!

Train Watching in Paradise
He's not one of our club members, but this
modeler's personal site will challenge
whatever you thought you already knew
about weathering and custom building.

Rich Divizio --
This site is a fascinating collection of expert weathering tips, tricks and techniques by Rich, who is a master at this aspect of model railroading. If you want to take weathering to the pro level, Rich is someone to study!

Andrew Martin's Operations
Focused Layout Designs

This is an interesting resource for layout planners.
many layouts and yard drawings are available
here to study and incorporate into your own

layout plans.

Caboose Style Homes
This site is a unique resource if you've ever given any thought to a coboose of your own.

New Photo Archive Links:

Somewhere West of Denver
This site is a must for railfans of the Rocky
Mountains. The site features high quality images- there are 757 full sized photos on the website. Recommend that you browse a bit. I suspect that there is some pretty good stuff that you have not yet seen.

BNSF Photo Archives
Need pix of anything BNSF, you're likely to find them on this site.

AT&SF Photo Archives --1985-1995
Need pix of anything PRE-BNSF, you're likely to find them on this site.

Fallen Flag Photo Archives
This isn't a flashy site, but it is well organized and easy to get to the photos of many fallen flag railroads. If you haven't found it yet, this is the place to look.

Railroad Names
Realistic Names for your Model Railroad
Towns, and Industries.

AAR Car Type Codes
If operation is of interest to you, this site
covers the codes assigned to each type
of car, for use on waybills. Doug Trueblood
put this together from the 1989 OER.The site
also has some other interesting resoources

site has a host of listings including
a listing for this site. You'll find a
myriad of
categories and a comprehensive
(255 character) discription of each site.
Caution: you could spend days following
links on this site, but a connection to an
exhaustive set of links. Have fun!!!

Building Your Own Layout
--from time to time we get a million questions
about building a personal layout. There are
many books on different aspects, but here's a
link that provides a wealth of information free
of charge, on-line from a 50-year veteran in
the hobby who continues to build better
layouts. Paul Templar's work has also been
featured in Model Railroading Magazine.


Model Railroad Magazines
& Publications
Model Railroader On-line
Railroad Model Craftsman
Model Railroad News
The Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette
Mainline Modeler
Model Railroading Magazine
N-Scale Magazine
Timber Times
Garden Railways
Classic Toy Trains
48/ft. O Scale Magazine
Finescale Railroader
S/Sn3 Modeling Guide
Large Scale Model Railroads
The Grand Scales Quarterly
O Gauge Railroading
Maine Two-Foot Quarterly
The 7+ Railroader
(riding scale)
Steam in the Garden

Model Railroading Index Resources
The Model Train Magazine Index

National Model Railroad

National Model Railroad Association
N-Trak Modular Railroading Society
National Association of S Gaugers

NMRA Regional Information

Australasian Region
British Region
Mid-Central Region (MCR)
Mid-Continent Region (MCoR)
Mid-Eastern Region (MER)
Midwest Region (MWR)
Niagara Frontier Region (NFR)
North Central Region (NCR)
Northeastern Region (NER)
Pacific Coast Region (PCR)
Pacific Northwest Region (PNR)
Pacific Southwest Region (PSR)
Rocky Mountain Region (RMR)
Southeastern Region (SER)
Sunshine Region (SSR)
Thousand Lakes Region (TLR)

NMRA Regional Newsletters or Magazines
North Central Region

Prototype Railroad Magazines
Classic Trains
Railfan & Railroad
Railpace NewsMagazine
The Railroad Press
Railway Age
Rail Travel News

Prototype Photo Resources

Railblazer--Photos of the D&RGW

Paint Scheme References
The Engine Shop

Railroad Modeling and Historical Associations
Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society

California Zephyr Virtual Museum
Burlington Route Historical Society
Feather River Rail Society

ACL and SAL Railroads Historical Society
Geared Steam Locomotive Works
The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society

Ride the Trains in Florida
Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum
Seminole Gulf Railroad
Mount Dora & Lake Eustis Railway

Hobby Industry Trade Publications
Hobby Merchandiser
Model Retailer


Train Shows
Great American Train Shows

References & On-line Clinics
Airhorn Types and Sounds
Bill Carl on SuperTrees
Bill Carl on Basic Scenery

Railroad Heralds-Logos

Railroad Links
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen
--Links to Major Railroads

Prototype Railroad Company Stores
Union Pacific
Norfolk Southern
CSX- Please call 1-800-422-6222 for a merchandise catalog
Genesee & Wyoming
Canadian Pacific

Alaska Railroad
Vermont Railway

Railroad Career Links
Rail America--Railroad Careers/Jobs
Railroad Retirement Board --Links to Most Railroad Employment Sites
University of North Florida Railroad Institute Freight Conductor Program

Logging, Mining and Narrow Gauge
Badger Creek Railroad--HOn and On30 Layouts and clinics

Crystal River Southern--On30 Layout
Steam in the Woods-- includes over 1400 historic logging railroad, eqiupment and operations photos.
The Narrow Gauge Circle--Heading to Colorado on Vacation? This site will help you determine where to find the remnants of famous narrow gauge operations.
Boulder Valley Models--On30 Resources

Model Railroad Software
CadRail -Model Railroad Design software from Sandia Software
3rd Plan it--Model Railroad CAD design software from Eldorado

Right Track--Freeware track design software from Atlas
Ship-It!--Operations software

Scratchbuilding Material Sources
Shoe Dye this site features more than 30 colors of shoe dye for
mixing just the right color in your stain washes.

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