HO Layout Projects & Progress

N-Scale Layout Projects & Progress

New projects are cropping up everywhere on both the N-Scale and HO Gauge layouts. This seems to be a period of exciting growth, development and rebuilding that is tapping the talent of veteran and new members alike.

If you're looking for a project, get with your layout superintendent, and get approval for your ideas and concepts, then get to work!

Carl Marchand , HO Layout Superintendent
Home: (813) 889-3819

Bill Knapp, N Superintendent
Home: (813) 839-1149

We'll try to stay current in this section with the progress and include pictures whenever we can.


HO Layout Projects and Progress

Update: 08-16-16

All Main lines are operational; yards are also operational. We've decided to have all main lines double-tracked. Scenery has started to appear on the layout. A Layout Planning Subcommittee has created a theme, and a name of the new railroad - Potomac & Ohio RR. The pike will cover the area between the Potomac River in VA to Cincinnati, OH. Trains can be operated from either the normal NCE controllers or with your smartphone or tablet using WiThrottle or Engine Driver via JMRI

N-Scale Layout Projects and Progress


Bill Knapp and the gang have been busy adding JMRI WiThrottle to the DCC system and tweaking track and the DCC system for optimum operation. New members are having fun learning the layout and running trains.

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